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A Creative Real Estate Agency

To help you with your rental and property management efforts, our agency has set up a customized and personalized support service that is suitable for all needs.

We offer management and stewardship support to owners of second homes and rental homes by using two simple and effective formulas.

Management and Stewardship

PISANI Real Estate assumes responsibility for the management of your property
Pisani Real Estate acts on your behalf, taking all the necessary steps to manage your property, and offers a service tailored to your needs by selecting the best property specialists at reasonable prices:

-Organization and management of your property,
-Interior and exterior work,
-Monitoring and payment of bills,
-Assistance to service providers,
-Dealing with tax authorities,
-Management of your household staff,
-Management of permanent or seasonal rentals

We would be pleased to adapt our personalized management formula to your needs with your best interests in mind, thereby enabling you to enjoy your property with peace of mind.


When offering your property for permanent or seasonal rental, finding tenants is often a sensitive and difficult task. We would be perfectly willing to take on this responsibility and relieve you of the burden.

We can also manage the arrival and departure of your seasonal tenants. Thanks to this personalized rental service, you are guaranteed true professional management of your home throughout the year.


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